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Back To School the YouTube Way with Lunchbox Dad

It’s Back to School time again, and this got us thinking about all things school on YouTube. We did some digging around in and found this gem of a channel -- Lunchbox Dad.


Lunchbox Dad makes ridiculously amazing lunches for his kids, then writes blogs and makes tutorials on how you, too, can give your kids over-the-top lunches that make you the envy of other parents...or make them want to punch you. Probably both. His channel trailer showed us that he’s not new to this idea. He’s been on TV and in other media promoting his site.

His blog features tutorials and how-tos for themed snacks like Minion Banana Pops or Strawberry-Banana Santa hats, as well as incredible lunches, like this one for a graduation:


(Do you see the cheese diplomas?!)

And this one for a back-to-school lunch, complete with a chalkboard sign for custom notes to the kids:  


After we were done oohing and ahhing at the lunches of our childhood dreams, we decided to look into Lunchbox Dad’s YouTube channel performance using VideoAmigo to see how his videos are performing. After all, he’s got great content, seems to have a following and should be killing it on YouTube.

We were shocked to find that, as of August 30th, his channel only had 407 subscribers with only 50,000 views. This borders on criminal (although it is sure to increase after our entire team subscribes to his channel...seriously).

What’s the deal, Lunchbox Dad?

Because we want Lunchbox Dad to make videos of his lunches for the rest of our lives, we decided to dig into his YouTube channel stats to figure out some ways he could improve and retain some more subscribers.

And we found it.

Lunchbox Dad isn’t putting out videos regularly. In fact, in the past two months, there were only two videos. And it looks like this isn’t just a summer hiatus -- even last year at this time, his videos were showing up sporadically. It’s not that his content isn’t good, there’s just not enough of it and it is not coming out on a regular enough schedule.


To compare, take a look at the Momables channel-- one of the higher rated channels in Lunchbox Dad’s topic, “Lunch, Sandwiches, Lunch Boxes, and School Lunches.”

With over 7,000 subscribers, Momables says she “helps parents make real food convenient and appealing to kids.”



We can see that Momables releases more videos, usually putting out several videos each week, and she’s been doing this for quite some time. What we see with Momables is that she does not have a consistent cadence of videos. This points out the little secret of cadence. Your audience is going to watch when they want to watch, but Creators with the biggest followings built anticipation for their content by publishing a schedule for releases and then sticking to it.

Next, we looked at a more successful channel -- Fablunch -- with 109,928 subscribers.



It looks like Fablunch, too, is putting out videos at least once a week -- sometimes twice a week with only a few exceptions -- but without any consistency to the schedule. She was helped this May by a new video getting 500,000+ views and her views convert to subscribers at a very high level.

A great example of consistency of posting? Sarah Fit.




Sarah’s channel falls in the number one spot in Lunchbox Dad’s topic for both view and subscriber ratings. 

See those orange circles all in nice columns? That shows us that SarahFit is regularly posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays -- and she’s been doing that for a long time.

This consistency gives her 210,835 subscribers something to look forward to each week, which might be why she’s at the number one spot in the category.

I’ve got to go finish cutting my Stormtrooper tortilla, but you can go learn more about Lunchbox Dad’s YouTube channel using VideoAmigo, and get reports and insights on all of your favorite YouTube channels. And all for FREE!



VMAs bring the drama, VideoAmigo brings the data.

The annual MTV Video Music Awards are being held this Sunday night, and we can’t wait to see what happens.

Sure, we’re excited to see who wins big, but what are we really looking forward to?

Kanye West Taylor Swift Meme

Based on Kanye’s 2009 outburst during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech and Miley Cyrus’ anti-Disney debut at the 2013 awards -- Oh, and the fact that Miley is the host this year, we have no doubt that something crazy will happen.  

In fact, the drama surrounding the VMA’s has already begun.

This year’s nominee list for Music Video of the Year features a lot of familiar faces of past nominees, and some of our current favorite artists: Beyonce with her “7/11” video, Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video, and Ed Sheeran’s video for “Thinking Out Loud.” And Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars with “Uptown Funk,” and Kendrick Lamar with “Alright.”

So, who’s missing from this list?

Despite the fact that she is nominated for three other VMA categories, Nicki Minaj went to Twitter following the release of the nominee list to express her confusion as to why her “Anaconda” or “Feeling Myself” videos weren’t nominated for Video of the Year.

Nicki Minaj Tweet

Nicki Minaj Tweet

(If you give a mouse a cookie…)

Before we roll our eyes at Nicki, we decided to do a little research with VideoAmigo to see how her YouTube channel is performing in comparison to the actual Video of the Year nominees.  


We found that Nicki falls behind both Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars in terms of subscribers, but her channel does come ahead of Beyonce’s. (Sorry, Kanye..) 

We decided to do a deep-dive on Nicki’s channel using the in-depth Channel Report to see how she compares with others in her category.  

Within Nicki's in-depth report, we found what is called her "aggregate dislikes," or how likely it is for her videos to recieve a thumbs down in comparison to what is average for her category. 


We found that as of August 20th, Nicki's channel had a dislike index of 206, which means her videos are 106% more likely to be given a thumbs down than the average content in her catgory....Not so great for Team Nicki.

To compare, we looked up the channel likability for a few artists from our nominee list.

To no surprise, girl-next-door Taylor Swift’s videos are 40% less likely to be given a thumbs down than the average video in her category.

VideoAmigo TaylorSwiftVEVO Likability Score

And Beyonce? Her videos are 59% less likely to be given a thumbs down.  VideoAmigo BeyonceVEVO Likability Score

America's favorite ginger Ed Sheeran's videos are 71% less likely to be disliked than average.  VideoAmigo Ed Sheeran Likability Score

For fun -- and with our official nominees in mind, we searched the Music and Performing Arts category in VideoAmigo to see how each of their YouTube channels performed against one another in terms of viewership.

We already knew where Taylor, Beyonce and Bruno Mars stood, so we went down the list and found our next nominee at the number 24 spot: Ed Sheeran.


Mark Ronson’s channel was next at the 153rd spot, followed by Kendrick Lamar at number 196.


We’ll be on the edge of our seats Sunday night to see who brings home the gold, and to see who can drop the most jaws. (We're looking at you, Miley.) 

You, too, can deep-dive into the YouTube channels of your favorite celebrities; see how Miley compares to Kanye, or where Carrie Underwood stands in the Country Music genre conversation. Check it out with VideoAmigo.

Yes, E! News. Those are real people.

On Monday, E! News distributed a listicle titled, “18 Moments from the 2015 Teen Choice Awards That Made Us Feel Super Old" that seriously ticked off a lot of YouTube creators. We couldn't sit idly by and let E! News suffer, so we decided to show them how they can avoid this in the future with VideoAmigo. 


The post discussed how, despite the fact that they are on the “good side of 30,” there were several unfamiliar faces and perplexing award categories throughout the show that made the E! News team feel as though they’ve been living under a rock for the last decade. (Like Choice Viner.

According to the post, the number 6 moment that made the E! News crew feel “super old” was simply the fact that they didn’t recognize the names of some of the nominees.

“Eva Gutowski? Lele Pans? Joey Graceffa? Felix Kjellberg? Are those even real people?” They even misspelled the famous Viner’s name, Lele Pons. Ouch.

This did not sit well with the YouTube world, and rightfully so.

Had E! News done a little research, they would know that the names in question are actually some of the most well known YouTube stars out there, and they would have spared themselves from the angry mob waiting at their front door.

Though there’s no use in crying over spilled milk, we want to make sure this doesn’t happen again because, let’s face it -- it’s just painful to witness.

Grab your pens, listen up and take some notes, E! News.

It’s time for: “Yes, Those Are Real People!” brought to you by VideoAmigo. (VideoAmigo from Touchstorm gives brands and creators the data and insights needed to run successful video campaigns.)

Meet Eva Gutowski, or as she’s known in the YouTube world, MyLifeasEvaShe has over 3 million subscribers to her channel.



Her channel sits at the number 7 spot in her category in terms of subscribers.

And Joey Graceffa? He has over 5 million subscribers that he pushes videos out to nearly every single day. 



Okay, E!’s the real kicker -- the point where you really pushed people over the edge.

Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, aka the king of YouTube.


PewDiePie has over 38,726,000 subscribers, and 9,801,225,587 views. (No, that’s not his phone number. That’s almost 10 billion views.)

Our advice to you, E! News? Avoid the angry mobs following the Video Music Awards later this month and get caught up on what channels are performing best in each category using VideoAmigo.

Before we forget –  If, in return, you don’t know who E! News is? Actually, you shouldn’t feel so bad.


Their YouTube channel only has 289,536 loyal subscribers even though they’re posting videos nearly every day.



They currently sit at the number 52 spot in the Pop Culture, Entertainment News conversation in terms of views.

And, ironically enough, their website features several news stories about YouTube stars like Bethany Mota. In July, they even posted a listicle titled “VidCon 101” covering the YouTube stars you should know if you want to be "hip with the kids." 


 E! News….are you even real?

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Announcement: Touchstorm to Unveil VideoAmigo Marketing Suite at VidCon

NEW YORK, July 1, 2015 – Touchstorm, a technology-based services company that builds YouTube audiences for the world's largest brands, is unveiling VideoAmigo, their new suite of marketing tools and services, in time for the 6th annual VidCon in Anaheim, California. Since its inception in 2010, the convention that celebrates, discusses and informs online video has drawn a rapidly growing crowd of creators, fans, industry and brands worldwide. More than 300 influential YouTube Creators will be there this year, as well as an expected 20,000+ attendees.

Touchstorm plans to connect with hundreds of YouTube creators at this event, revealing their VideoAmigo stats and allowing fans to see if their favorite stars really walk the walk.

Alison Provost, Touchstorm CEO, said “We’ve been building these tools and technologies behind the scenes for years while we’ve helped some of the largest brands in the world with content strategy, production, and YouTube channel management. Now we’re excited to open these tools up to the market, and VidCon is the perfect place to do so.”

The VideoAmigo Marketing Suite allows brands and creators to stop guessing at their strategy and start winning on YouTube, with data and insights needed to run successful video campaigns. With VideoAmigo, brands can find searchable, popular video topics to own, as well as the right creators and channels to partner with. Creators can grow revenue, build audience, engage fans, and attract killer sponsors.

Touchstorm’s proprietary data taxonomy, the Touchstorm Video Index (TVi), narrows the world of video topics to provide more marketing and performance metrics on channels, videos and searches than has ever been possible. VideoAmigo, which runs on the TVi classification system, uncovers unique insights that allow brands to compete and win in social conversations.


About Touchstorm

Touchstorm ( is a technology-based services company that builds video audiences for the world's largest brands. To accomplish its vision of helping brands and audiences fall in love again, the company grows YouTube channels organically, building engaged audiences for brand channels. Touchstorm uses a suite of software technologies to build these brand audiences at scale, including VideoAmigo™ the Video Marketing Suite powered by the Touchstorm Video Index™ (TVi™). Headquartered in New York City, Touchstorm is an independent, woman-owned company.


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YouTube's AdBlitz: Is Nissan Really the 2015 Super Bowl Ad Campaign Winner?


YouTube has officially ended its AdBlitz contest, declaring Nissan’s “With Dad” spot as the Super Bowl ad campaign winner. There’s one hitch (and it’s a big one). Only YouTube viewers who made the effort to vote gave that title to Nissan. What about the millions of viewers who did not vote? That’s where Touchstorm  comes in.

Touchstorm has studied every campaign that aired nationally during the 2015 Super Bowl, and we’ve ranked and rated them on the Metrics that Matter: Views, Subscriber Conversion, Likeability, and Velocity. The Nissan campaign cracked only one of the Metrics that Matter Scoreboards. It landed at #8 in terms of Views. “With Dad” doesn’t even make any other list in the Touchstorm 2015 Super Bowl Scoreboard. It landed at #17 in our overall ranking, #23 in Subscriber Conversion, scored only a 51 in Likeability, and only managed to reach a Velocity peak of 26. You can check out what these metrics mean and how other brands scored here.

Touchstorm’s declared winner of the 2015 Super Bowl ad game was Budweiser with their “Lost Dog” campaign. The ad was more successful as a whole, performing well across all of the Metrics that Matter:

·      It was the most viewed campaign with 36,401,976 views.

·      It ranked second in Subscriber Conversion by adding 7,568 subscribers to its channel through the duration of our study.

·      It placed third in the Likeability metric with a score of 225, meaning it generated a lot more passion with viewers than the other campaigns.

·      When it came to Velocity, “Lost Dog” was very successful, reaching its peak with a score of 34.

So while the select YouTubers who expended the energy to vote chose Nissan’s “With Dad” campaign, the overall winner was clearly Budweiser’s “Lost Dog.”  What's more important –– a popularity vote, or truly understanding how a campaign performed and what that performance means for the brand going forward? Sure, votes are nice, but voters don't necessarily come back to your brand channel, subscribe, or become a fan of your brand. The Metrics that Matter have spoken!

Have any questions or comments? Leave them below! Also, check out the full recap of the Touchstorm 2015 Super Bowl Scoreboard here.

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Who Really Won the 2015 Super Bowl?

Touchstorm’s 2015 Super Bowl Scoreboard tracked the ad-related content uploaded to YouTube by brands — before, during, and after the Super Bowl — to accurately assess which brands had the most staying power. Using the Metrics That Matter — Views, Subscriber Conversion, Likeability, and Velocity — we determined which ad campaigns were most successful as a whole. The results are in! So, who was the big winner?



Want to know how all of the brands performed on the Touchstorm 2015 Super Bowl Scoreboard? View our complete report here.

Check the Scores!


Have something to add to the conversation?
Add your comments below!  

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Get The Super Bowl Score Before The Big Game!


Which Brands are Winning the Ad Game on YouTube?

If you’ve gone to YouTube at all lately, you’ve likely noticed the plethora of Super Bowl ads and teasers by the various brands that plan to advertise on game day. Super Bowl commercials have long been a highlight for many, and the sole reason to tune in for others. Over the past few years, brands have experimented with airing teasers or full, official commercials on YouTube – days or even weeks before the big game. Why would they do this?

Building anticipation is the main goal. You want people talking about your brand. Airing ads ahead of time generates hype and increases overall brand recognition.  It’s yet another way for a brand to engage with their audience.

The ads range from sentimental and/or patriotic to ridiculous, funny and out-of-the-box. The point is to be memorable. What better way to remain in viewers’ minds than to be accessible 24/7 on one of the most popular sites in the world? Viewers can pick early favorites and look forward to seeing them again during the actual game. They can tell friends and family to watch for specific ads as well. Now, Super Bowl ads are water cooler topics for weeks instead of a couple of days after the game.

Since last year, Touchstorm has been tracking the ad-related content uploaded to YouTube by these brands — before, during and after the Super Bowl — to accurately assess which brands have the most staying power. Using tracking metrics like Views, Subscriber Conversion , Likeability, and Velocity, we determine which ad campaigns are most successful as a whole. The rankings are updated daily on our Super Bowl Scoreboard, available here:

Chatter about online entertainment has been louder than ever this past year. Every trade magazine is discussing YouTube and the important role it plays for brands (not just for the Super Bowl, but for brand equity in general). YouTube star Bethany Mota was a contestant on TV’s Dancing with the Stars. Internet interviewer Grace Helbig is about to begin her own prime-time talk show on E!

What does all this mean? There are more eyeballs on more screens than ever before. So it only makes sense that advertisers would jump at the chance to get those eyeballs on their Super Bowl ads before the game to get the most out of the $150k per second ad buy. How many viewers are watching each ad? Do they click the “like” button? How fast are these ads growing in virality? We’re here to measure all that. On our Scoreboard you have the ability to look at all of the advertisers side by side and truly compare the effectiveness of their campaigns.

So… check the score and see who’s winning the ad game before the game. Coca Cola won the Super Bowl ad game last year with their polarizing ad #AmericaIsBeautiful. While some people disliked the ad or found it offensive, many thought it was a beautiful celebration of America. Most important, it was memorable. Who do you think will be most memorable this year? Let us know in the comments below! Check our scoreboard daily for up-to-date rankings, and look for our recap report in early February when we declare an official winner.


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2015 Content Marketing Predictions!


How Will Content Be Marketed in the New Year?

Now that the year is drawing to a close, it's time to start thinking about predictions for the New Year! 

We've rounded up our favorite predictions for the marketing industry in 2015:


17 Content Marketing Predictions for 2015 - Contently


17 Marketing Influencer Predictions for 2015 - News Cred


10 Predictions for Content Marketing in 2015 - Mashable


2015 Marketing Predictions, Pop Culture Style - Forbes


60 Content Marketing Predictions for 2015 - Content Marketing Institute


2015 Content Marketing Predictions - Kapost


3 Social-Marketing Predictions for 2015 - Entrepreneur


Do you agree with these? Do you have any predictions of your own? Leave us a comment below!

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New Year Resolutions – For Your YouTube Channel!


Start the New Year Off Right!

Now that 2014 is coming to a close, it’s time to start reflecting on the past year and making resolutions. If you run a YouTube channel, your goal might/should be how to make it even better in the coming months. If you’ve made the resolution to have a stronger, healthier, more successful channel in 2015, the most important place to start is analyzing how well your channel did this year and where you stand in the rankings of other channels. The best way to do this is to run a free Touchstorm Video Index Channel Report! It gives you your TVi score and tells you how you’ve been performing on the “metrics that matter.” Here’s a recap of what you will find in your channel report:



It’s obvious that views are important when it comes to the success of a YouTube channel. But views can tell you a lot more than your general popularity. You’ll also see your View Rank among your competition… This can help inform content strategy… Learn more


  1. View Density

View Density is a measure of a channel's health. It’s the ratio of the channel's top 3 most popular video's Views to the channel's Total Views. The lower the percentage, the better. Finding out your View Density can inform you how your content is performing with viewers, and help you create an even more focused content strategy… Learn more


3.  Subscribers

This may seem like another obvious one. Everyone wants a million subscribers on their YouTube channel. Your Channel Report will tell you tell you how many subscribers your channel currently has, as well as your rank in subscribers within your category, or conversation. This is a good way to keep up on your competition, or to find potential collaborators... Learn more


  1. Subscriber Conversion

Conversion is how successful a channel is at converting viewers to subscribers. The TVi expresses this idea as Subscribers per Million Views, or Subs/MMV. Building audience is different than building views. You should be monitoring how many people view your content, but also how they respond to it… Learn more


  1. Likeability

Some videos, channels and topics generate a much higher Like rate than others. For each Topic, Conversation, and Theme in the Touchstorm Video Index, we determine the average Like rate and normalize it to an Index of 100, so that videos and channels in that competitive set can be judged onrelative Likeability. The highest indices indicate very strong Likeability for the content… Learn more


  1. Best Channel Practices

“Best channel practices” means many things, but current TVi scoring is primarily concerned with the frequency of video uploading, and whether or not videos have been taken down. The healthiest channels upload content constantly and at a cadence — once a week or even more, and usually on the same day every week…Learn more


  1. TVi Score

All of the metrics we have studied so far combine to produce a Touchstorm Video Index Score – TVi score for short. So, what is a TVi score? Touchstorm is categorizing the entire YouTube platform, profiling millions of YouTube channels and has created the Touchstorm Video Index Score -- TVi for short. A TVi score is the single measure of the overall health of a YouTube channel on a scale of one to a thousand… Learn more


Here’s to a happy and healthy channel in the New Year!

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Which Magazine Publishers Are Dominating YouTube?


A Closer Look at Magazine Publishers in Our Latest Report


In our latest report on Consumer Magazines on YouTube, we study the “metrics that matter” to tell you which magazine channels are winning on YouTube (and which ones aren’t). Roughly 80% of consumer magazines now have YouTube channels. Of the 1,547 channels we studied, publisher groups run 761. That’s 49 percent! So, who are these publisher groups? 

The following list contains the Top 10 Publisher Groups on YouTube, along with their percentage of views within the magazine category, and how many channels they manage.


Top 10 Magazine Publisher Groups on YouTube

10. Haymarket – 4% of views (18 channels) 

9. Conde Nast – 5% of views (30 channels)

8. Hearst – 5% of views (32 channels)

7. Bauer – 6% of views (73 channels)

6. Prometheus – 6% of views (3 channels)

5. Time – 7% of views (60 channels)

4. Vice – 8% of views (2 channels)

3. Enthusiast – 11% of views (45 channels)

2. Immediate – 11% of views (31 channels)

1. National Geographic –17% of views (6 channels)


So what does this information tell us? For one, you’re not necessarily guaranteed to be more successful just because you manage more channels. Bauer has 70 channels, yet only maintains 6% of views for magazines on YouTube, whereas National Geographic only manages 6 channels and holds 17% of the views.

So it’s not just about how many channels you have. It’s about managing those channels the right way. It’s about upkeep, content regularity, likeability, and providing viewers with engaging content that they’re looking for.

To check out why these magazines rank where they do, check out a sample of the report here: slideshare. You can also download the full report for free at

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