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Know Your Onions: Why Category and Competition Should Change the Way You YouTube

There's a new YouTube analytics engine in the world and it's about to change the way you look at your online video strategy.

For the first time, brands can see where they stand against nearly every competitor on YouTube -- large and small, which is important because some of the smaller YouTube channels are eating many of the big brands' lunch. That's right, we're not talking about Coke vs. Pepsi; we're talking Blendtec, which is beating both of them. 

Competition on YouTube is not about traditional competitors, it's about conversations. It's not about the size of the company, it's about the share of the voice. Our new Touchstorm Video Index: Top Brands Edition outlines exactly who owns that share of voice on the largest online video stage, and guess what? It's mostly not brands. 

For the first time, any YouTube channel owner can see who else is sharing content, having conversations and building audiences around similar topics. Finally, a recipe vlogger can see where she stands against other recipe vloggers in views and subscribers.  A big brand can discover a host of new competitors it never new existed, find out what they're doing well and why their share of voice is rising. 

Here are some of the questions the Touchstorm Video Index: Top Brands Edition will answer:

What are the Top 500 videos in my category, and what do they have in common that I can mimic?

  • What's the average number of subscribers converted per every million views in my category, and why is my channel below the average? 

  • Are my competitors spending money winning views, and if so, how much? 

  • What are the top channels in Japan for my category, and how do I compete there?

  • What is the overall growth rate of YouTube itself, so we can determine if we are keeping up or falling behind?   

  • What is the average “like-ability” for content in my category, and does our content perform better or worse than that? 

In this video, I break down the Index and what it means for brands specifically. Watch and learn, and then check back for more because we're about to release another cog in the wheel here that will just keep strengthening the index and the value it provides.

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