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Stay Relevant: How to Keep People Watching with veeseo

We're excited to announce our latest venture, veeseo North America, which will change the face of publishing—really! veeseo is the first video relevance engine, matching publisher videos to editorial stories based on the relevance of the content—without any effort. 

Here's how it works: Imagine you're reading an article and the video is perfectly aligned to the story—it's timely, topical, relevant, not just a "top video of the day." As an editor, you didn't have to do a thing to add highly relevant video to your story, so you place it mid article. As a publisher, you've unleashed your video archive to give your content more visibility, and greater clicks ($) that stay on your site, not out to others. As a reader, you're happy to see video that interests you now, not about something you were researching online last week. There are so many wins we stopped counting. 

Watch our latest video that tells the story of veeseo, and see what MediaPost and Adotas have to say. If you're a publisher or editor and you'd like to try veeseo on your site, please contact us and we'll get it going.

Topics: Video Content Strategy