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The Oscars According to YouTube: Why "Gravity" and "American Hustle" Would Take Home Statues

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And the Oscar goes to...

The next major video event is here with the red carpet rollout this weekend. And we’ve been tracking the top films of the year beyond the box office to see what’s happening on YouTube. Thousands of videos to support each film are making their rounds through YouTube views and (of course) we’ve analyzed them all.  And you can watch all Oscar-related videos on Touchstorm's YouTube channel

When you think of checking out a film you look for the trailer on YouTube. It helps us weigh the $20 theatre trip vs. the patience of on demand. But film promoters are pushing a lot more than trailers, with short clips, reviews, behind the scenes cuts, celebrity interviews and even fan videos to support their films and stars. This is the right strategy, which we saw work well for Super Bowl advertisers. 

Our analytics engine VOOT dug deep into thousands of videos related to the top six Academy Award categories this year. Based solely on view count, an indicator of popularity, YouTubers might announce that the Oscar goes to...

  • “Gravity,” Best Picture
  • Martin Scorsese, Best Director
  • Christian Bale, Best Actor
  • Sandra Bullock, Best Actress
  • Bradley Cooper, Best Supporting Actor
  • Jennifer Lawrence, Best Supporting Actress

The full report on our Touchstorm Video Index: Academy Awards Edition breaks down the winners in each category, and reveals insights worth noting, which apply equally to brands managing their own YouTube strategies: 

  • Supporting content matters. Just as we saw with the Super Bowl, a mosaic of great content to support the featured video helps build momentum and buzz.
  • While trailers are the hot view for most YouTubers, interviews accounted for most of the views for Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, while film clips accounted for many of Amy Adams’ 63m views. 
  • Success begets success. As you’ll see in our full report, each of the individuals got a big boost in views because of their lift from previous work. 
  • The combination of “American Hustle” and “Silver Linings Playbook” catapulted Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in audience views. While the “Dark Knight” trilogy helped Christian Bale land more than 140m views. 
  • Know what your competition is doing. By looking at the category—in this case the Oscars—these stars can see how they compare to their fellow nominees in views. The same benchmark applies to brands. 
  • With tight races in many categories, the exceptions (again) are Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper who are ahead of fellow nominees by three-times the view count.

Our latest report is a fun look at how the Academy might select if YouTube was the stage. But there are more factors than views to consider, and the goal should be building an audience, not just popularity. 

Keep an eye on our Video Index as we continue to analyze major video events and what they mean for marketers and brand strategy on YouTube.

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#AmericaIsBeautiful: How a Controversial Coke Ad Won the Big Game on YouTube

SuperBowl2014chartSince the Coca-Cola America Is Beautiful ad ran during the Super Bowl, it ignited a media and consumer firestorm. And it’s been fascinating to watch the ad unfold behind the scenes on YouTube, which is what our Video Scoreboard reveals.

The Coke ad now tops the chart in Effectiveness for the brand, displacing the Budweiser Puppy, RadioShack, Microsoft Empowering and others. But it still lags in views. How’s that?

Unlike most other Super Bowl ads that kicked off their mega campaigns prior to the big game, building views and momentum along the way, Coke held the ad back, revealing it first during the game. These are two different campaign approaches and our Video Scorecard is revealing which is the most effective strategy.

Given its late start, Coke is still middle of the pack in Views, a measure most people have been using to anoint the Super Bowl ad champion. But what’s most telling, is the Coke ad is now #3 in Likeability (compared to all others in the Super Bowl category), and #1 in Velocity. The true measure is Effectiveness, however, and it shot into the #1 slot today.

The Effectiveness metric is the coveted one, as it blends all key metrics—Views, Likes, Subscriber Conversion and Velocity—with a formula that presents a numerical ranking of the most effective ads at building audience for the brand.

Views and shares are fine, but those can be bought. Genuine audiences are built based on true ad success, and Coke has the right stuff.

Keep checking back to see how it climbs. The data is changing every day!

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Who Are the Real Winners of This Year's Ad Bowl on YouTube?


New Touchstorm Video Scoreboard reveals the real winners in the Super Bowl ad game—and it’s not who you think

As the world’s greatest advertising event peaked Sunday night—hats off to the Seattle Seahawks—we’ve reached a tipping point, where YouTube is the true scorecard for measuring Super Bowl ad success.

While Doritos and Budweiser topped the charts in views and shares, the real measure of success is the brand’s ability to amortize the cost of the ad—particularly one worth more than $4 million—over weeks of hype. Is the ad really working for the brand and helping it move from mere awareness to trust?

We have the formula to show which ads are actually succeeding in building audience, not just awareness. Our new Touchstorm Video Scoreboard is the first (free!) live dashboard showing which brands are on the leaderboard everyday after the Super Bowl.

While certain brands are winning the popularity game, are those ads really working for the brand? And can the ad help build audience for the brand over time? We break it all down.

See who’s on top of the Touchstorm Video Scoreboard.

Our dashboard is built on a four-part formula of views, likability, velocity and subscriber conversion, and gives Super Bowl advertisers a level of analysis they’ve never seen. The result is their only ability to look precisely at their own video performance and how it compares to their peers.

Here’s how it works:

  • Views: Not only how many views the main ad receives, but adjunct creative is combined to arrive at accurate, total view counts.
  • Velocity: How long a brand is able to sustain interest in the ad, including when that interest peaks and starts to decline.
  • Likability: A comparison view of relative passion generated from each ad, showing which ads were genuinely more popular with viewers.
  • Subscriber Conversion: Which brands’ ads are better at generating YouTube subscribers, the critical measurement required for a brand to succeed on YouTube.

 On the live Video Scoreboard, those four metrics are combined and weighted to reveal the Top 10 ads in overall brand effectiveness. Check daily because results will likely change over time.

Have fun with it. Think about what the dashboard means to your own video marketing, and keep an eye out for a dashboard that you can apply to your own channel. (More on that later…)

Check it out!

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