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Do You Know Who Andrew Shrock Is? This Free Report Proves Why You Should

Just as Michelle Phan and Bethany Mota—each with more than six millions subscribers—redefined video marketing in the beauty category, our latest report shows YouTubers building massive audiences in the outdoor category, such as rising star skateboard master Andrew Schrock. These YouTube stars in the Outdoor Adventure category are ripe for brand marketing.

It’s that time of year when thrill seekers and action sports fans hit the trails and waterways to get their adventure on, and a lot of their inspiration comes from the tricks and motion they see on YouTube. There’s a massive Outdoor Adventure conversation taking place on YouTube, with more than 3,100 channels on the topic, and more than 8 billion video views. Many of these views are going to some of the top YouTube stars in the Outdoor Adventure category. We can introduce you to these new stars in our new report.

We’re excited to share this latest report with you, the Touchstorm Video Index Special Report—Outdoor Activities & Adventure Sports. It gives you insights on channels and categories that you’ve never seen before. We unwrap the brands, retailers, media properties, YouTube personalities and everyday users creating the kinds of exhilarating content audiences are searching for online.


After diving into the Outdoor Adventure conversation, you’ll see the topics, channels, leaders and trends that will help anyone—particularly brands—succeed on YouTube. It shows where a channel ranks within a given topic, with whom they’re actually competing (it’s likely not who you think), and ideas to take away and learn from others.

And the report is FREE! Wahoo! Here’s a snapshot:

  • Analysis across 3,166 channels in the Outdoor Adventure category conversation.
  • Channel scrutiny and Top 10 rankings across 38 activity topics—from Airsoft and Backpacking, to Skateboarding and White Water Rafting.
  • The first comparative look at the true competition on YouTube—not only in the Sports category generally, but also in Hunting & Fishing or Boating & Sailing specifically.
  • How brands like Red Bull and GoPro might dominate in views, but the most important metrics show the real winners are smaller brands and YouTube personalities.
  • The 80+ YouTube stars building some of the most active audiences. Take note: there is a Michelle Phan of Skateboarding (and AirSoft and Fishing and Frisbee and…)
  • Tricks and motion are the way into the thrill-seeker’s heart, with 8 of the top 10 channels on either Skateboarding or Parkour (it’s okay, we didn’t know what that was either).

There are so many useful insights behind the report that we’ll pull out some and share them with you here. We can help you decide what to do with all of this analysis so you’re rising in the rankings and exciting more fans (and not relying on paid views and subscribers). Contact us if you want help with your channel. We’d love to make you the Michelle Phan of your conversation and topic.

In the meantime, you can find the full report here. Let us know what you think, and enjoy the ride. There’s a lot more to come!


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