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Back To School the YouTube Way with Lunchbox Dad

It’s Back to School time again, and this got us thinking about all things school on YouTube. We did some digging around in and found this gem of a channel -- Lunchbox Dad.


Lunchbox Dad makes ridiculously amazing lunches for his kids, then writes blogs and makes tutorials on how you, too, can give your kids over-the-top lunches that make you the envy of other parents...or make them want to punch you. Probably both. His channel trailer showed us that he’s not new to this idea. He’s been on TV and in other media promoting his site.

His blog features tutorials and how-tos for themed snacks like Minion Banana Pops or Strawberry-Banana Santa hats, as well as incredible lunches, like this one for a graduation:


(Do you see the cheese diplomas?!)

And this one for a back-to-school lunch, complete with a chalkboard sign for custom notes to the kids:  


After we were done oohing and ahhing at the lunches of our childhood dreams, we decided to look into Lunchbox Dad’s YouTube channel performance using VideoAmigo to see how his videos are performing. After all, he’s got great content, seems to have a following and should be killing it on YouTube.

We were shocked to find that, as of August 30th, his channel only had 407 subscribers with only 50,000 views. This borders on criminal (although it is sure to increase after our entire team subscribes to his channel...seriously).

What’s the deal, Lunchbox Dad?

Because we want Lunchbox Dad to make videos of his lunches for the rest of our lives, we decided to dig into his YouTube channel stats to figure out some ways he could improve and retain some more subscribers.

And we found it.

Lunchbox Dad isn’t putting out videos regularly. In fact, in the past two months, there were only two videos. And it looks like this isn’t just a summer hiatus -- even last year at this time, his videos were showing up sporadically. It’s not that his content isn’t good, there’s just not enough of it and it is not coming out on a regular enough schedule.


To compare, take a look at the Momables channel-- one of the higher rated channels in Lunchbox Dad’s topic, “Lunch, Sandwiches, Lunch Boxes, and School Lunches.”

With over 7,000 subscribers, Momables says she “helps parents make real food convenient and appealing to kids.”



We can see that Momables releases more videos, usually putting out several videos each week, and she’s been doing this for quite some time. What we see with Momables is that she does not have a consistent cadence of videos. This points out the little secret of cadence. Your audience is going to watch when they want to watch, but Creators with the biggest followings built anticipation for their content by publishing a schedule for releases and then sticking to it.

Next, we looked at a more successful channel -- Fablunch -- with 109,928 subscribers.



It looks like Fablunch, too, is putting out videos at least once a week -- sometimes twice a week with only a few exceptions -- but without any consistency to the schedule. She was helped this May by a new video getting 500,000+ views and her views convert to subscribers at a very high level.

A great example of consistency of posting? Sarah Fit.




Sarah’s channel falls in the number one spot in Lunchbox Dad’s topic for both view and subscriber ratings. 

See those orange circles all in nice columns? That shows us that SarahFit is regularly posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays -- and she’s been doing that for a long time.

This consistency gives her 210,835 subscribers something to look forward to each week, which might be why she’s at the number one spot in the category.

I’ve got to go finish cutting my Stormtrooper tortilla, but you can go learn more about Lunchbox Dad’s YouTube channel using VideoAmigo, and get reports and insights on all of your favorite YouTube channels. And all for FREE!