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3 Ways Online Video Can Drive Consumers to Your Brand

Video content comes in many different forms but brands can achieve sales and get a great return on investment with branded content provided it serves the needs of the consumer.  Brands who have a robust e-commerce offering have many options for serving up video and there are a few guidelines that will help move the consumer from interest in a topic to interest in the product.

1. Create content on the benefits of the product and steer away from touting the product features directly.  If you’re selling digital cameras, demonstrate how the zoom feature provides beautiful candid photographs because you don’t have to get so close to the subject.  Make it about the photograph (exciting) instead of a demonstration of the zoom (boring).

2. Showcase lifestyle applicability of the product. Use real life scenarios where the product feature becomes a must have for the consumer.  For the digital photography example, show the product being used at a wedding, which demonstrates a real application for wanting to catch beautiful candid moments with the zoom.

3. Provide an engagement tool that connects with the e-commerce site.  If you’ve got that consumer hooked on needing that exact camera that has the zoom they want, give them a good reason to engage with the product and then use all the great assets on the site to drive the purchase of the product.

These guidelines will help drive consumers with a need to your product.