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The 3 Types of Content: Which Do You Have?

You may be wondering what kind of video you should make; what type of video is right for your brand. Types of videos? Yes, types. All the talk about online video needs to become more nuanced to reflect the various ways that you can communicate with video online. Saying "we have online videos" is akin to saying "there is weather going on outside". It is accurate, but neither descriptive nor helpful.

Types of online videos are not overly complex. It's as easy as your freshman communications class, really. Remember the three types of communication? You can persuade, entertain or inform. Remember developing those speeches? Well, online videos fall into one of these three categories as well: Persuasive, Entertaining and Informative.

First things first; here's what you need to do to gauge your type.

Take an Inventory of Your Videos

You'll need this to help you develop your strategy, but for now, just put them all in one of these three buckets. As you do this, a couple of things will emerge: first, you'll start to see that you are preferring one kind of video over the others, and second, you'll also see that your video content doesn't fall neatly into these categories. That's the point of this exercise, to highlight where you are off-strategy with your content. If you don't know what bucket it goes in, then just put it where you wished it fit well. If your information has too much competitive language, then don't worry, just put it in there anyway.

Take an Inventory of Your Competitors' Videos

Again, don't over think it. Just find as many as you can and start to list them in their respective categories. Don't worry about too much analysis either. The goal is to get you thinking about and seeing Online Video in these three categories of content.

Look at Your Other Marketing Communication Activities

What bucket does most of your other content fit into? It is typical for it to be primarily Persuasion since this is the primary mode of marketing. But the landscape is changing and brand content is changing with it. We want to make sure that you are prepared to meet and engage your audience the way they want to be engaged, and that your competition doesn't beat you to the punch.

We created a Guide To Video Content Marketing to help you do this kind of audit. Download it if you haven't already. It will help walk you through these steps.

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