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Do You Really Know Who Your YouTube Competition Is?

At point of sale, brands compete with each other for market share.  In advertising, brands compete with each other for share-of-voice.  But in YouTube marketing, brands compete with all manner of folk who, by the way, don’t play by the same rules as brands.

For example, vying for attention in the Personal Finance conversation are financial advisors, tax preparers, moms who’ve turned themselves into family budget and college savings masters, government entities like the IRS and, banks and credit unions, celebrities like Suze Orman, insurance providers, wealth managers, non-profits like the AARP, TV networks/TV shows like CNBC Fast Money, in-vertical publishers like Money Magazine, technology providers like Intuit, comedians and celebrities who have something to say, economists and news organizations releasing new information on the topic, and documentarians and film-makers who are adding longer form educational entertainment to the conversation. Wow! Yes, that’s a lot of competition.

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So, which of those entities is actually a true competitor? And how are you doing against it in comparison? Consider the value of building your YouTube audience when you know where your customers are going for information and entertainment. If not you, then who?

You can run a much cleaner and more effective video marketing campaign when you know if you’re losing audience share to other brands, YouTube personalities, or publishers. There may even be an untapped market for your products in Spain or Singapore because certain international channels are killing it in your category. Every “conversation category“ has many voices competing for share, and rarely is a fellow brand the audience winner that you want to chase.

We’re working on a little something that will reveal the YouTube conversations that really matter to your brand. The results will surely surprise but your new video marketing insights will change the way you view and develop your audience on YouTube.

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