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Breaking Down the TVi Channel Report: Subscribers

Welcome to Part 4 of the Breaking Down the Channel Report Series!


We’re breaking down the “metrics that matter” in your customized Channel Report, which you can run at So far we’ve covered Views and View Density. Now let’s take a look at Subscribers and what they mean to the health of a channel.

Everyone knows subscribers are important. Just try to find a YouTube vlogger that doesn’t end their video with “Please subscribe.” Subscribing says that a viewer cares about a YouTube Creator’s content enough to commit. Subscribers are not just people who stumble across your content; they are your audience by choice. A subscriber is someone who likes what you have to say and wants to hear more. 

Your Channel Report will tell you tell you how many subscribers your channel currently has, as well as your rank in subscribers within your category, or conversation. This is a good way to keep up on your competition, or to find potential collaborators. You’ll see a graph that shows you how you stack up against the average amount of subscribers for the Top 10 channels in your category, and the average amount of subscribers for your entire category. Here’s a screenshot from a report we ran on fashion guru Chriselle Lim:


Another graph displays the Top 30 channels in your category with an individual breakdown of their subscriber counts, like this screenshot from a report we ran on makeup guru Michelle Phan.


You can also see your rank in subscribers out of every channel that has been profiled in the Touchstorm Video Index so far. If your channel hasn’t been profiled yet, what are you waiting for? Join the YouTube Genome Project! You’ll get all of these insights and much more. 

How many subscribers you have is key to your channel’s success. But once you understand Subscriber Conversion rates, you’ll be even better equipped to figure out how viewers are responding to your content. We’ll delve into what Subscriber Conversion means in the next installment, so stay tuned!

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