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Breaking Down the TVi Channel Report: Best Channel Practices


Welcome to Part 7 of the Breaking Down the Channel Report Series

We’re breaking down the “metrics that matter” in your customized Channel Report, which you can run at We’ve already talked about Views, View Density, Subscribers, Subscriber Conversion and Likeability. Now let’s take a look at Best Channel Practices – and what that really means.

“Best channel practices” means many things, but current TVi scoring is primarily concerned with the frequency of video uploading, and whether or not videos have been taken down.

The healthiest channels upload content constantly and at a cadence — once a week or even more, and usually on the same day every week.

On the other hand, taking videos down (which can’t always be helped) is damaging to channel health in more ways than one. Not only does YouTube deduct the view counts attributed to those videos, but our testing shows that velocity (a key factor driving the visibility that attracts audience) decreases.

If you look at our Live Ratings,, you can run a real-time report of YouTube channels based on category. Here’s a screenshot of Live Ratings we ran on Vlogs & Rants:


YouTube star Jenna Marbles is doing extremely well, and definitely carrying out Best Channel Practices. She has removed 0 videos in the history of her channel. This also means she has never had views subtracted from her total. She also publishes regularly according to a schedule so her subscribers know when to expect content. Content regularity is one of the best ways to strengthen the connection with your subscriber base.

Next week we’ll take a look at how all of these “metrics that matter” roll up into a TVi score, which is the quickest way to determine the health of a YouTube channel.

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