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Breaking Down the TVi Channel Report: TVi Score


What is a TVi score?

We’ve reached the last installation in the Breaking Down the TVi Channel Report series! All of the metrics we have studied so far combine to produce a Touchstorm Video Index Score – TVi score for short.

So, what is a TVi score? Touchstorm is categorizing the entire YouTube platform, profiling millions of YouTube channels and has created the Touchstorm Video Index Score -- TVi for short.

A TVi score is the single measure of the overall health of a YouTube channel on a scale of one to a thousand. It rolls up a myriad of qualitative data points. You can think of it like a FICO score, only for YouTube.   

The TVi Score balances the “metrics that matter” to produce one number that represents the healthiest and best performing YouTube channels. To recap, these key metrics are Views, View Density, Subscribers, Subscriber Conversion, Likeability and Best Channel Practices.

The TVi Score shows how well a YouTube channel is producing engaging content and using it to generate a following. This neutralizes anomalies such as “the-biggest-budget-wins” and one-hit wonders, and recognizes good channel management and audience impact. 

It also enables comparisons between any channel in a “conversation” with others in the same “conversation,” or across the board. This shows brands and channel owners how to compete, and shows advertisers where to put ad dollars. 

Here’s a screenshot from a report we ran on YouTube star Pewdiepie. He’s doing exceptionally well, with a TVi score of 823. 



So how is your channel doing on YouTube? To find out, get your own TVi score at


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