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How to Win Fans and Influence People: The Top 30 YouTube Channels and What They're Doing Right

Touchstorm evaluated every video in the Outdoor Activities & Adventure Sports conversation on YouTube to determine how often viewers push the “Like” button when watching a video.

When we look at the top channels and brands with the most "Positive Passion," we can see some trends emerge, which are useful for companies working to create branded content people will actually…Like!

Here’s how we did it: We set the average Likeability for each video to 100*, which allows us to index all videos and channels against each other. Channels that index higher than 100 have content that people like so much they say so with the “Like” button, and the result is better-than-average “Positive Passion” for the channel.

Props to the top 10 channels for landing scores of 300 or higher in Likeability for their videos:

  1. The Bug Out Channel – Bushcraft
  2. Diver Sur – Longboarding
  3. Valhalla Longboards – Longboarding
  4. Metro Skateboarding – Skateboarding
  5. Petan Bikes – BMX Riding
  6. Blackhawk Paramotor – BMX Riding
  7. Welcome Skateboards – Skateboarding
  8. Krooked Skateboards – Skateboarding
  9. Simple Longboards – Longboarding
  10. LZ BMX – BMX Riding

What are they doing right?

  1. Tricks and motion rule – keep the action coming (especially if it’s on a skateboard)
  2. Give them tips that help fans master the sport – YouTube is hot for How-tos
  3. Talk to them directly – make them feel a part of your inner circle
  4. Don’t aim for perfection – show off the bloopers and crashes
  5. Get behind the scenes – take video of your video, let them see how you created it
Channels with the Best Liked Content



Take a look at the full report on the Outdoor Activities & Adventure Sports conversation on YouTube – including the top 10 channels in all 38 topics, from Bushcraft to Camping, Skateboarding to Surfing.


* The average “Like” score in this conversation is .049, a little less than half of one percent, which is a similar rate to the average CTR of a banner ad.



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