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How to use the TVi (and what the #@$% is it?)

Touchstorm Video Index – or TVi for short – is like the Nielsen of YouTube. It rates and ranks channels into 3,000 unique topic areas and then monitors and measures everything. It’ll give you a whole new view on YouTube. 

We’ve created this simple tutorial to walk you through it all. You’ll learn how you can:

  • See how your channel is really performing
  • Discover who your real competition is
  • Find new people to collaborate with on videos
  • Get your channel’s TVi Score (like a FICO Score, only for YouTube)
  • Join our YouTube Genome Project
  • Get the insights you need to grow your channel

…and so much more. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Except this time. Promise.

First, log on to This is the TVi homepage. Here are three important things that I should point out:


There’s one caveat to all of this that I need to address right up front. 

There are 10 million channels on YouTube, but only 20 searchable categories on YouTube. That means each of you have 500,000 channels you are competing against, which is a lot.

We thought so too. So we decided to do something about it. But we really, really, reeeeallly need your help.


Join the YouTube Genome Project.

What is the YouTube Genome Project? It’s our project to classify all 10 million channels into 3,000 Topics, 100 Conversations and 11 Themes --- plus we’re adding all kinds of metadata to that. It’s easy to profile your channel and it only takes about 30 seconds. Doing this gets you access to the world of data and insights you need to make your channel rock.

We’ve already profiled tens of thousands of channels ourselves, and we profile more and more every day. But 10 million is a lot for our team, so we’re asking for your help.

Go to and follow the steps there. The easiest way is to sign-in with the Google+ account that you use to manage your channel.

Then simply answer the prompts on the page. And voila! You are in the system.

If you get in there and see that something is incorrectly profiled, then just change it and save it. It’s that easy.

Let’s quickly walk through what you can do at the TVi… 

1. Click on Get Badge.
It takes you to this page:


To get your own unique badge and badge page, you just need to sign in with Google using your G+ account that you use to manage your channel. It's as simple as that. When you sign in, you will be taken to this page:


2. Click on Channel Report.
This lets you get a report on ANY channel you choose. Simply follow the instructions on screen and you will get your customized report. To get your own report, sign in with Google.

The YouTube Genome Project (YGP) isn’t finished, so some topics and conversations have not been fully profiled. This means that all of the channels are not in the database. Without the YGP database completed, the TVi has nothing to rank.

This is why we need you and all your YT Creator peers to profile their channels. So if your channel hasn’t been profiled, go enter it in the system!

If your topic area hasn’t been profiled either, you can enter the channels that you think are in your area. Then you can see all of the topic data.

The channel report tells you details about key metrics for your channel. It’s NOT just about views and subscribers—we provide a deep level of insight on seven different “metrics that matter” by running our proprietary algorithms built to measure best channel practices.

This means you’ll see where you’re doing well, where you can improve, and get some ideas on how to do it.

Here’s a sample report for you to peruse. It’s YouTube star Bethany Mota’s. Check it out:

Pretty cool, huh?

3. Click on Topic Report.


I mentioned before that this is our Live Ratings. 

What you see is the entire structure of the YGP. The three columns are the 11 Themes, 100+ Conversations, and the nearly 3,000 topics. If something is grey and italicized, then the YGP hasn’t profiled it yet.

If you want to see a really cool example, then click on the following:

Welcome Home > Food & Wine > Wine

Now, click Generate Report. See anything interesting there? Social media guru Gary V is getting clobbered by BrownBagWineTasting. Surprising, huh?

Spend some time looking around at everything. You can click on those little “i” icons to get more info about elements on the site or in the reports.


Sign up to get emails about your channel, your scores, and other channels you want to follow. It’s free for now, so share it with your friends. And be sure to get everyone in on thisYouTube Genome Project. The more of us that use it, the better it gets.

And finally, as always…

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Ask questions, share ideas for making it better, etc. We made the TVi with you in mind, so share away.

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