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Meet the woman beating Anna Wintour on YouTube


This is Chriselle Lim.

She runs a fashion blog—The Chriselle Factor. She’s a stylist. She’s a style-maker. She’s active on multiple platforms, and she’s now a fixture at the fashion shows.

Chriselle owns the leading women’s fashion channel on YouTube. In fact, her channel was number one in TVi Score (more on that below...), above giant brands like American Vogue, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, and Prada. Her videos ‘stay chic’ with topics such as Fall Basic: Styling your Jeans, Journey of a Dress and My Greece Diary. She shares advice in a grounded, accessible way, and the content is extremely popular.

Check out what she’s doing on her other platforms, as well:

Bigger Than Anna Wintour

Believe it or not, Chriselle has more influence than Anna Wintour (the American Vogue channel) on YouTube. She is owning the conversation and the audience, and here’s why it matters:

As online—especially online video—continues to grow, the fashion vloggers are building a huge advantage over the traditional fashion mags, and even the fashion houses themselves. We’ve seen this happen in beauty already. We’re expecting this trend to continue, upsetting the balance of power and influence in the fashion industry.

As part of our efforts to categorize the entire YouTube platform—profiling millions of YouTube channels on a myriad of qualitative data points—we developed the Touchstorm Video Index™ (TVi™) Score chart. This rating balances the metrics that matter (Views, Subscribers, Conversion, Positive Passion, View Density, New Content Activity, etc.) to produce one number to represent the healthiest and best performing YouTube channels.TVi Score measures a YouTube channel’s health in two major areas: 1) how well it manages its channel according to best practices, and 2) the quality of its content strategy. 

In Women's Designer Fashion, the YouTube channel with the highest TVi Score is—guess who—Chriselle Lim. She comes in ahead of Vogue, Chanel and Dior. Chriselle’s TVi score isn’t too surprising given her ranking in views (#4), subscribers (#1) and conversion (#4). The TVi score affirms what we already know about her channel: she’s producing engaging content and using it to generate a following.

So what is it that makes Chriselle’s channel so successful?

Transparency and execution

Chriselle is open, warm and real, and she speaks directly into the camera. Her followers feel welcomed into her life. She recently announced her pregnancy and shared the very emotional story of a previous miscarriage. This transparency builds trust and makes her content inviting, addictive and sometimes truly moving.

Her personality and transparency goes a long way, but Chriselle also perfectly executes the fundamentals of channel management. Her videos are well branded, with great thumbnails. Her topics are relevant and effectively titled. And the content is top-notch—beautifully produced videos with great tips and insights that feature Chriselle well and fit in consistently with her exposure on other platforms.

Fashion is only getting bigger on YouTube. And Chriselle is doing it better than anyone else right now. We’d all do well to learn from her.

Lessons from the Beauty Gurus

If you’d like to read more, check out a landmark study we did a few years ago about emerging YouTube fashion personalities.

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