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New Year Resolutions – For Your YouTube Channel!


Start the New Year Off Right!

Now that 2014 is coming to a close, it’s time to start reflecting on the past year and making resolutions. If you run a YouTube channel, your goal might/should be how to make it even better in the coming months. If you’ve made the resolution to have a stronger, healthier, more successful channel in 2015, the most important place to start is analyzing how well your channel did this year and where you stand in the rankings of other channels. The best way to do this is to run a free Touchstorm Video Index Channel Report! It gives you your TVi score and tells you how you’ve been performing on the “metrics that matter.” Here’s a recap of what you will find in your channel report:



It’s obvious that views are important when it comes to the success of a YouTube channel. But views can tell you a lot more than your general popularity. You’ll also see your View Rank among your competition… This can help inform content strategy… Learn more


  1. View Density

View Density is a measure of a channel's health. It’s the ratio of the channel's top 3 most popular video's Views to the channel's Total Views. The lower the percentage, the better. Finding out your View Density can inform you how your content is performing with viewers, and help you create an even more focused content strategy… Learn more


3.  Subscribers

This may seem like another obvious one. Everyone wants a million subscribers on their YouTube channel. Your Channel Report will tell you tell you how many subscribers your channel currently has, as well as your rank in subscribers within your category, or conversation. This is a good way to keep up on your competition, or to find potential collaborators... Learn more


  1. Subscriber Conversion

Conversion is how successful a channel is at converting viewers to subscribers. The TVi expresses this idea as Subscribers per Million Views, or Subs/MMV. Building audience is different than building views. You should be monitoring how many people view your content, but also how they respond to it… Learn more


  1. Likeability

Some videos, channels and topics generate a much higher Like rate than others. For each Topic, Conversation, and Theme in the Touchstorm Video Index, we determine the average Like rate and normalize it to an Index of 100, so that videos and channels in that competitive set can be judged onrelative Likeability. The highest indices indicate very strong Likeability for the content… Learn more


  1. Best Channel Practices

“Best channel practices” means many things, but current TVi scoring is primarily concerned with the frequency of video uploading, and whether or not videos have been taken down. The healthiest channels upload content constantly and at a cadence — once a week or even more, and usually on the same day every week…Learn more


  1. TVi Score

All of the metrics we have studied so far combine to produce a Touchstorm Video Index Score – TVi score for short. So, what is a TVi score? Touchstorm is categorizing the entire YouTube platform, profiling millions of YouTube channels and has created the Touchstorm Video Index Score -- TVi for short. A TVi score is the single measure of the overall health of a YouTube channel on a scale of one to a thousand… Learn more


Here’s to a happy and healthy channel in the New Year!

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