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Announcement: Touchstorm to Unveil VideoAmigo Marketing Suite at VidCon

NEW YORK, July 1, 2015 – Touchstorm, a technology-based services company that builds YouTube audiences for the world's largest brands, is unveiling VideoAmigo, their new suite of marketing tools and services, in time for the 6th annual VidCon in Anaheim, California. Since its inception in 2010, the convention that celebrates, discusses and informs online video has drawn a rapidly growing crowd of creators, fans, industry and brands worldwide. More than 300 influential YouTube Creators will be there this year, as well as an expected 20,000+ attendees.

Touchstorm plans to connect with hundreds of YouTube creators at this event, revealing their VideoAmigo stats and allowing fans to see if their favorite stars really walk the walk.

Alison Provost, Touchstorm CEO, said “We’ve been building these tools and technologies behind the scenes for years while we’ve helped some of the largest brands in the world with content strategy, production, and YouTube channel management. Now we’re excited to open these tools up to the market, and VidCon is the perfect place to do so.”

The VideoAmigo Marketing Suite allows brands and creators to stop guessing at their strategy and start winning on YouTube, with data and insights needed to run successful video campaigns. With VideoAmigo, brands can find searchable, popular video topics to own, as well as the right creators and channels to partner with. Creators can grow revenue, build audience, engage fans, and attract killer sponsors.

Touchstorm’s proprietary data taxonomy, the Touchstorm Video Index (TVi), narrows the world of video topics to provide more marketing and performance metrics on channels, videos and searches than has ever been possible. VideoAmigo, which runs on the TVi classification system, uncovers unique insights that allow brands to compete and win in social conversations.


About Touchstorm

Touchstorm ( is a technology-based services company that builds video audiences for the world's largest brands. To accomplish its vision of helping brands and audiences fall in love again, the company grows YouTube channels organically, building engaged audiences for brand channels. Touchstorm uses a suite of software technologies to build these brand audiences at scale, including VideoAmigo™ the Video Marketing Suite powered by the Touchstorm Video Index™ (TVi™). Headquartered in New York City, Touchstorm is an independent, woman-owned company.


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New Year Resolutions – For Your YouTube Channel!


Start the New Year Off Right!

Now that 2014 is coming to a close, it’s time to start reflecting on the past year and making resolutions. If you run a YouTube channel, your goal might/should be how to make it even better in the coming months. If you’ve made the resolution to have a stronger, healthier, more successful channel in 2015, the most important place to start is analyzing how well your channel did this year and where you stand in the rankings of other channels. The best way to do this is to run a free Touchstorm Video Index Channel Report! It gives you your TVi score and tells you how you’ve been performing on the “metrics that matter.” Here’s a recap of what you will find in your channel report:



It’s obvious that views are important when it comes to the success of a YouTube channel. But views can tell you a lot more than your general popularity. You’ll also see your View Rank among your competition… This can help inform content strategy… Learn more


  1. View Density

View Density is a measure of a channel's health. It’s the ratio of the channel's top 3 most popular video's Views to the channel's Total Views. The lower the percentage, the better. Finding out your View Density can inform you how your content is performing with viewers, and help you create an even more focused content strategy… Learn more


3.  Subscribers

This may seem like another obvious one. Everyone wants a million subscribers on their YouTube channel. Your Channel Report will tell you tell you how many subscribers your channel currently has, as well as your rank in subscribers within your category, or conversation. This is a good way to keep up on your competition, or to find potential collaborators... Learn more


  1. Subscriber Conversion

Conversion is how successful a channel is at converting viewers to subscribers. The TVi expresses this idea as Subscribers per Million Views, or Subs/MMV. Building audience is different than building views. You should be monitoring how many people view your content, but also how they respond to it… Learn more


  1. Likeability

Some videos, channels and topics generate a much higher Like rate than others. For each Topic, Conversation, and Theme in the Touchstorm Video Index, we determine the average Like rate and normalize it to an Index of 100, so that videos and channels in that competitive set can be judged onrelative Likeability. The highest indices indicate very strong Likeability for the content… Learn more


  1. Best Channel Practices

“Best channel practices” means many things, but current TVi scoring is primarily concerned with the frequency of video uploading, and whether or not videos have been taken down. The healthiest channels upload content constantly and at a cadence — once a week or even more, and usually on the same day every week…Learn more


  1. TVi Score

All of the metrics we have studied so far combine to produce a Touchstorm Video Index Score – TVi score for short. So, what is a TVi score? Touchstorm is categorizing the entire YouTube platform, profiling millions of YouTube channels and has created the Touchstorm Video Index Score -- TVi for short. A TVi score is the single measure of the overall health of a YouTube channel on a scale of one to a thousand… Learn more


Here’s to a happy and healthy channel in the New Year!

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Breaking Down the TVi Channel Report: TVi Score


What is a TVi score?

We’ve reached the last installation in the Breaking Down the TVi Channel Report series! All of the metrics we have studied so far combine to produce a Touchstorm Video Index Score – TVi score for short.

So, what is a TVi score? Touchstorm is categorizing the entire YouTube platform, profiling millions of YouTube channels and has created the Touchstorm Video Index Score -- TVi for short.

A TVi score is the single measure of the overall health of a YouTube channel on a scale of one to a thousand. It rolls up a myriad of qualitative data points. You can think of it like a FICO score, only for YouTube.   

The TVi Score balances the “metrics that matter” to produce one number that represents the healthiest and best performing YouTube channels. To recap, these key metrics are Views, View Density, Subscribers, Subscriber Conversion, Likeability and Best Channel Practices.

The TVi Score shows how well a YouTube channel is producing engaging content and using it to generate a following. This neutralizes anomalies such as “the-biggest-budget-wins” and one-hit wonders, and recognizes good channel management and audience impact. 

It also enables comparisons between any channel in a “conversation” with others in the same “conversation,” or across the board. This shows brands and channel owners how to compete, and shows advertisers where to put ad dollars. 

Here’s a screenshot from a report we ran on YouTube star Pewdiepie. He’s doing exceptionally well, with a TVi score of 823. 



So how is your channel doing on YouTube? To find out, get your own TVi score at


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Breaking Down the TVi Channel Report: Best Channel Practices


Welcome to Part 7 of the Breaking Down the Channel Report Series

We’re breaking down the “metrics that matter” in your customized Channel Report, which you can run at We’ve already talked about Views, View Density, Subscribers, Subscriber Conversion and Likeability. Now let’s take a look at Best Channel Practices – and what that really means.

“Best channel practices” means many things, but current TVi scoring is primarily concerned with the frequency of video uploading, and whether or not videos have been taken down.

The healthiest channels upload content constantly and at a cadence — once a week or even more, and usually on the same day every week.

On the other hand, taking videos down (which can’t always be helped) is damaging to channel health in more ways than one. Not only does YouTube deduct the view counts attributed to those videos, but our testing shows that velocity (a key factor driving the visibility that attracts audience) decreases.

If you look at our Live Ratings,, you can run a real-time report of YouTube channels based on category. Here’s a screenshot of Live Ratings we ran on Vlogs & Rants:


YouTube star Jenna Marbles is doing extremely well, and definitely carrying out Best Channel Practices. She has removed 0 videos in the history of her channel. This also means she has never had views subtracted from her total. She also publishes regularly according to a schedule so her subscribers know when to expect content. Content regularity is one of the best ways to strengthen the connection with your subscriber base.

Next week we’ll take a look at how all of these “metrics that matter” roll up into a TVi score, which is the quickest way to determine the health of a YouTube channel.

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Condé and Kandee: A Match Made in YouTube Heaven?

Just hours after we released our Special Report on the Consumer Magazine category on YouTube, comes this article from Advertising Age.


In the article, Ad Age admires Condé Nast’s announcement of a deepening relationship with YouTube stars starting with makeup artist Kandee Johnson. The objective of the deals is of course to reach a younger (millennial) audience and to sell the high-priced ad space that will accompany a handful of new, original series. 

The Ad Age article made us wonder: How does this strategy
fit with what we just learned about Condé Nast in our
Special Report on the Consumer Magazine industry?

If you’re not yet familiar with our latest Special Report, we looked at 1,547 Consumer Magazine pubs on YouTube and discovered that surprisingly few are producing a meaningful audience (defined as 10 million views or more). Using our Touchstorm Video Index™ (TVi), we examined the metrics that matter for each of the 30 Channels in the Condé Nast YouTube universe. The resulting TVi score — a Ratings System, like a FICO or SAT score for YouTube Channels — reveals the overall health of a Channel beyond simply the traditional Views and Subscribers rankings.

Was it smart for Condé Nast to choose someone like Kandee Johnson over a better-known YouTube star (like the #1 most viewed in the makeup category, Michelle Phan, for example)? Would your magazine know how to even start to create a list of who to pursue as a potential partner?

The Touchstorm Video Index confirms that Kandee and Condé fit.
Let’s examine just two of our many metrics that reveal why Kandee is a better choice than Michelle to add value in a growth strategy for Condé Nast.

likeability Likeability
With a Likeability Index of only 106 — meaning that their content is 6% more apt to get a “Like” than the average Consumer Magazine content on YouTube — Condé Nast has plenty of room for improvement. And that’s a perfect way for Kandee to quickly help. Within her topic of makeup, Kandee has a Likeability Index of 175. Her fans actively “Like” her content! In contrast, Michelle’s Likeability score is only 93 — 7% lower than average. (The hidden peril of so many views.)

Condé Nast is smart in partnering with Kandee (and presumably the yet-to-be-announced others) because she quantitatively appears to have a clear understanding of what resonates with her fans. This new video series with Condé Nast will bring her already engaged fans to the new content, increasing their own Likeability Index scores along the way.

conversion Conversion
Another important and unique metric from the TVi shows how successful a channel is at converting its Viewers into Subscribers. Channels that do this well have figured out how to make content that their audience wants and how to market that content to draw a loyal following. Someone who subscribes to a Channel is opting in, essentially. They’re agreeing to accept email messages and accept alterations to their YouTube Home Page, all to see what new content is published. YouTube’s algorithms drive from a number of things that Subscribers impact. So ultimately, the better you Convert, the more Subscribers you have, and the more Subscribers you have, the better your visibility on YouTube becomes. That’s why Conversion is a critical albeit oft-overlooked statistic.

As a whole, Consumer Magazines are performing worse in Conversion than the average for all of YouTube… which is disappointing given that the magazines are professional content producers and most of YouTube is not. And this is a metric that Condé Nast needs even more help in than they do in Likeability. In fact, Condé Nast doesn’t even show up in our top 18 Converters chart of magazine publishing groups. At first glance at Kandee’s conversion ranking, she doesn’t look like the strongest choice, but here is where the evaluation of a partner gets a little tricky… Within her category, Kandee Johnson ranks:

•    #7 in Views
•    #10 in Subscribers
•    #234 in Conversion

That doesn’t sound so great. But then let’s look again at the queen of the category, Michelle Phan:

•    #1 in Views
•    #3 in Subscribers
•    #301 in Conversion

If Conversion is turning Views into Subs, how does that happen to Michelle who ranks higher than Kandee in both? It’s because Michelle has exponentially more times the number of Subscribers and Views than Kandee. That’s why it is so vital to evaluate a potential YouTube star partner on metrics that go deeper than just Views and Subscribers.

It’s time for magazines to live up to their content potential and start looking great on YouTube.  
Those are just two of many ways for magazines to evaluate potential partners on YouTube. We’ve got many more factors to share.


To study any channel — and potential partner(s) — get a Channel Report with in depth performance metrics and competitive insights.

Are YOU a YouTube star wondering how suitors will evaluate your channel health? Get your TVi Score and your channel’s TVi Score badge to instantly let people know how great you are!

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We Studied Consumer Magazines on YouTube... The Insights Might Surprise You

Last week we released our Touchstorm Special Report on Consumer Magazines on YouTube. While it produced a multitude of insights on the Magazine Industry and their status on YouTube, one thing was glaringly obvious…

Only a handful of magazines are succeeding on YouTube! We studied 1,547 magazines and fewer than 8% produce a meaningful audience of 10 million viewers or more.



This slideshare is a preview of our Magazine Report. In the full report, you’ll see who is winning on YouTube, who can do better, and what they can do to get there. Download the full report here.

YouTube is an untapped or underutilized resource by many magazines, and it’s often neglected as one of the most effective forms of social media. As a magazine publisher, they have a distinct advantage over other YouTube channels. They already have credibility as an expert, and brand recognition, yet they don’t have to push a specific product. 

So, who is doing well?

National Geographic is winning the magazine game on YouTube as far as views are concerned, with over 1 billion. They also are #3 by TVi score. They’re an established brand with universal appeal – because everyone loves animals, especially on YouTube. People might not subscribe to Nat Geo’s print magazine, but most everyone will click on a link that says “Cobra vs. Mongoose” (69 million views).

There’s never been a better time to connect with viewers – whether they are print subscribers or not. On YouTube, a publisher is able to cast a much wider net – and experiment with their content in a way they’ve never been able to before. It’s a great place to branch out a bit and reach people who might never have seen their content otherwise.

For more information, visit


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Breaking Down the TVi Channel Report: Subscriber Conversion


Welcome to Part 5 of the Breaking Down the Channel Report Series!

We’re breaking down the “metrics that matter” in your customized Channel Report, which you can run at We’ve already talked about Views, View Density and Subscribers. Now let’s take a look at a real marker of a successful YouTube channel – Subscriber Conversion.

Conversion is how successful a channel is at converting viewers to subscribers. The TVi expresses this idea as Subscribers per Million Views, or Subs/MMV.

Building audience is different than building views. The goal isn’t only to inform or entertain viewers, but to keep them coming back for more. You should be monitoring how many people view your content, but also how they respond to it.

Conversion is something the YouTube Stars have mastered – their Conversion Rates are almost always the highest in any analysis. Let’s take a look at vlogger Jenna Marbles. Her channel is performing really well. Not only is she #1 in her category for Views and Subscribers, but she’s also #3 in the Top Performing Channels by Subscribers per MM Views. The average Subs/MMV in her category is 4,592 while Jenna’s average is an impressive 8,937.


The channels that are succeeding in Subscriber Conversion have figured out how to make the content their audience wants, and how to market that content to draw a loyal following. Once a channel is doing really well and starts to pick up steam, it’s hard to slow it down. 

What’s your Conversion Rate? Head over to to find out. See how many people are subscribing to your content per million views. Your conversion rate can help you decide whether or not it’s time to tweak your content strategy. 

Join us next time when we look at Likeability, or viewers’ passion for your content.

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Breaking Down the TVi Channel Report: A New Series!

Welcome, YouTube creators, to a comprehensive 8-part series on how to get your Touchstorm Video Index Channel Report, how to understand the "metrics that matter," and how to utilize them.

On the homepage of the Touchstorm Video Index,, one of your options is to “Study a channel.”

After typing in a channel name and clicking the “Channel Report” button you’ll get a customized 40-page report with in-depth data and analytics on your channel of choice. To get data on your own channel, log in with the same Google+ account that you use to manage your channel.

The report provides a deep analysis on the health of your YouTube channel, focusing on the 7 “metrics that matter.” These metrics include:

Views, Subscribers, View Density, Subscriber Conversion, Likeability, Best Channel Practices, TVi Score



Over the course of the next seven weeks, this series for YouTube creators will unpack the Channel Report on a metric-by-metric basis to help you get the most out of your report.

If you look up your channel and see it hasn’t been profiled yet, don’t panic. It’s very easy to go in there and do it yourself! The TVi is built on the back of the YouTube Genome Project, our project to classify all 10 million YouTube channels into 3,000 topics, 100 conversations and 11 Themes. This takes a lot of time, so we’re asking for your help. It’s yet another way for you to get involved in the YouTube community. “We’re all in this together,” “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” “It takes a village…” you get the point.

Simply go to, log in with your Google+ account and select the Theme, Category, and Topic that you feel best encapsulates your channel. Answer the prompts on the page and you’ll be entered in the system. If you log in and see something is incorrectly profiled regarding your channel, simply change it and save it.

If your channel is profiled but your category or topic hasn’t been profiled yet, you can take matters into your own hands and enter channels you think are related to yours. The more channels you profile, the more data you’ll be able to view – this will allow you to draw new insights, see who your real competition is, and possibly find other YouTubers to collaborate with.

Once you run your Channel Report, you’ll see the page populate with colorful graphs, charts and other statistics. We made the report easy to navigate, with little “i” icons to help you out if you need further explanation on anything. 

For a more comprehensive handle on the report and all of the insights it has to offer, stay tuned every Friday to learn more about the Channel Report metrics and how to make your channel soar on YouTube.

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How to use the TVi (and what the #@$% is it?)

Touchstorm Video Index – or TVi for short – is like the Nielsen of YouTube. It rates and ranks channels into 3,000 unique topic areas and then monitors and measures everything. It’ll give you a whole new view on YouTube. 

We’ve created this simple tutorial to walk you through it all. You’ll learn how you can:

  • See how your channel is really performing
  • Discover who your real competition is
  • Find new people to collaborate with on videos
  • Get your channel’s TVi Score (like a FICO Score, only for YouTube)
  • Join our YouTube Genome Project
  • Get the insights you need to grow your channel

…and so much more. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Except this time. Promise.

First, log on to This is the TVi homepage. Here are three important things that I should point out:


There’s one caveat to all of this that I need to address right up front. 

There are 10 million channels on YouTube, but only 20 searchable categories on YouTube. That means each of you have 500,000 channels you are competing against, which is a lot.

We thought so too. So we decided to do something about it. But we really, really, reeeeallly need your help.


Join the YouTube Genome Project.

What is the YouTube Genome Project? It’s our project to classify all 10 million channels into 3,000 Topics, 100 Conversations and 11 Themes --- plus we’re adding all kinds of metadata to that. It’s easy to profile your channel and it only takes about 30 seconds. Doing this gets you access to the world of data and insights you need to make your channel rock.

We’ve already profiled tens of thousands of channels ourselves, and we profile more and more every day. But 10 million is a lot for our team, so we’re asking for your help.

Go to and follow the steps there. The easiest way is to sign-in with the Google+ account that you use to manage your channel.

Then simply answer the prompts on the page. And voila! You are in the system.

If you get in there and see that something is incorrectly profiled, then just change it and save it. It’s that easy.

Let’s quickly walk through what you can do at the TVi… 

1. Click on Get Badge.
It takes you to this page:


To get your own unique badge and badge page, you just need to sign in with Google using your G+ account that you use to manage your channel. It's as simple as that. When you sign in, you will be taken to this page:


2. Click on Channel Report.
This lets you get a report on ANY channel you choose. Simply follow the instructions on screen and you will get your customized report. To get your own report, sign in with Google.

The YouTube Genome Project (YGP) isn’t finished, so some topics and conversations have not been fully profiled. This means that all of the channels are not in the database. Without the YGP database completed, the TVi has nothing to rank.

This is why we need you and all your YT Creator peers to profile their channels. So if your channel hasn’t been profiled, go enter it in the system!

If your topic area hasn’t been profiled either, you can enter the channels that you think are in your area. Then you can see all of the topic data.

The channel report tells you details about key metrics for your channel. It’s NOT just about views and subscribers—we provide a deep level of insight on seven different “metrics that matter” by running our proprietary algorithms built to measure best channel practices.

This means you’ll see where you’re doing well, where you can improve, and get some ideas on how to do it.

Here’s a sample report for you to peruse. It’s YouTube star Bethany Mota’s. Check it out:

Pretty cool, huh?

3. Click on Topic Report.


I mentioned before that this is our Live Ratings. 

What you see is the entire structure of the YGP. The three columns are the 11 Themes, 100+ Conversations, and the nearly 3,000 topics. If something is grey and italicized, then the YGP hasn’t profiled it yet.

If you want to see a really cool example, then click on the following:

Welcome Home > Food & Wine > Wine

Now, click Generate Report. See anything interesting there? Social media guru Gary V is getting clobbered by BrownBagWineTasting. Surprising, huh?

Spend some time looking around at everything. You can click on those little “i” icons to get more info about elements on the site or in the reports.


Sign up to get emails about your channel, your scores, and other channels you want to follow. It’s free for now, so share it with your friends. And be sure to get everyone in on thisYouTube Genome Project. The more of us that use it, the better it gets.

And finally, as always…

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Ask questions, share ideas for making it better, etc. We made the TVi with you in mind, so share away.

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How to Win Fans and Influence People: The Top 30 YouTube Channels and What They're Doing Right

Touchstorm evaluated every video in the Outdoor Activities & Adventure Sports conversation on YouTube to determine how often viewers push the “Like” button when watching a video.

When we look at the top channels and brands with the most "Positive Passion," we can see some trends emerge, which are useful for companies working to create branded content people will actually…Like!

Here’s how we did it: We set the average Likeability for each video to 100*, which allows us to index all videos and channels against each other. Channels that index higher than 100 have content that people like so much they say so with the “Like” button, and the result is better-than-average “Positive Passion” for the channel.

Props to the top 10 channels for landing scores of 300 or higher in Likeability for their videos:

  1. The Bug Out Channel – Bushcraft
  2. Diver Sur – Longboarding
  3. Valhalla Longboards – Longboarding
  4. Metro Skateboarding – Skateboarding
  5. Petan Bikes – BMX Riding
  6. Blackhawk Paramotor – BMX Riding
  7. Welcome Skateboards – Skateboarding
  8. Krooked Skateboards – Skateboarding
  9. Simple Longboards – Longboarding
  10. LZ BMX – BMX Riding

What are they doing right?

  1. Tricks and motion rule – keep the action coming (especially if it’s on a skateboard)
  2. Give them tips that help fans master the sport – YouTube is hot for How-tos
  3. Talk to them directly – make them feel a part of your inner circle
  4. Don’t aim for perfection – show off the bloopers and crashes
  5. Get behind the scenes – take video of your video, let them see how you created it
Channels with the Best Liked Content



Take a look at the full report on the Outdoor Activities & Adventure Sports conversation on YouTube – including the top 10 channels in all 38 topics, from Bushcraft to Camping, Skateboarding to Surfing.


* The average “Like” score in this conversation is .049, a little less than half of one percent, which is a similar rate to the average CTR of a banner ad.



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