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VMAs bring the drama, VideoAmigo brings the data.

The annual MTV Video Music Awards are being held this Sunday night, and we can’t wait to see what happens.

Sure, we’re excited to see who wins big, but what are we really looking forward to?

Kanye West Taylor Swift Meme

Based on Kanye’s 2009 outburst during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech and Miley Cyrus’ anti-Disney debut at the 2013 awards -- Oh, and the fact that Miley is the host this year, we have no doubt that something crazy will happen.  

In fact, the drama surrounding the VMA’s has already begun.

This year’s nominee list for Music Video of the Year features a lot of familiar faces of past nominees, and some of our current favorite artists: Beyonce with her “7/11” video, Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video, and Ed Sheeran’s video for “Thinking Out Loud.” And Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars with “Uptown Funk,” and Kendrick Lamar with “Alright.”

So, who’s missing from this list?

Despite the fact that she is nominated for three other VMA categories, Nicki Minaj went to Twitter following the release of the nominee list to express her confusion as to why her “Anaconda” or “Feeling Myself” videos weren’t nominated for Video of the Year.

Nicki Minaj Tweet

Nicki Minaj Tweet

(If you give a mouse a cookie…)

Before we roll our eyes at Nicki, we decided to do a little research with VideoAmigo to see how her YouTube channel is performing in comparison to the actual Video of the Year nominees.  


We found that Nicki falls behind both Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars in terms of subscribers, but her channel does come ahead of Beyonce’s. (Sorry, Kanye..) 

We decided to do a deep-dive on Nicki’s channel using the in-depth Channel Report to see how she compares with others in her category.  

Within Nicki's in-depth report, we found what is called her "aggregate dislikes," or how likely it is for her videos to recieve a thumbs down in comparison to what is average for her category. 


We found that as of August 20th, Nicki's channel had a dislike index of 206, which means her videos are 106% more likely to be given a thumbs down than the average content in her catgory....Not so great for Team Nicki.

To compare, we looked up the channel likability for a few artists from our nominee list.

To no surprise, girl-next-door Taylor Swift’s videos are 40% less likely to be given a thumbs down than the average video in her category.

VideoAmigo TaylorSwiftVEVO Likability Score

And Beyonce? Her videos are 59% less likely to be given a thumbs down.  VideoAmigo BeyonceVEVO Likability Score

America's favorite ginger Ed Sheeran's videos are 71% less likely to be disliked than average.  VideoAmigo Ed Sheeran Likability Score

For fun -- and with our official nominees in mind, we searched the Music and Performing Arts category in VideoAmigo to see how each of their YouTube channels performed against one another in terms of viewership.

We already knew where Taylor, Beyonce and Bruno Mars stood, so we went down the list and found our next nominee at the number 24 spot: Ed Sheeran.


Mark Ronson’s channel was next at the 153rd spot, followed by Kendrick Lamar at number 196.


We’ll be on the edge of our seats Sunday night to see who brings home the gold, and to see who can drop the most jaws. (We're looking at you, Miley.) 

You, too, can deep-dive into the YouTube channels of your favorite celebrities; see how Miley compares to Kanye, or where Carrie Underwood stands in the Country Music genre conversation. Check it out with VideoAmigo.