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We Studied Consumer Magazines on YouTube... The Insights Might Surprise You

Last week we released our Touchstorm Special Report on Consumer Magazines on YouTube. While it produced a multitude of insights on the Magazine Industry and their status on YouTube, one thing was glaringly obvious…

Only a handful of magazines are succeeding on YouTube! We studied 1,547 magazines and fewer than 8% produce a meaningful audience of 10 million viewers or more.



This slideshare is a preview of our Magazine Report. In the full report, you’ll see who is winning on YouTube, who can do better, and what they can do to get there. Download the full report here.

YouTube is an untapped or underutilized resource by many magazines, and it’s often neglected as one of the most effective forms of social media. As a magazine publisher, they have a distinct advantage over other YouTube channels. They already have credibility as an expert, and brand recognition, yet they don’t have to push a specific product. 

So, who is doing well?

National Geographic is winning the magazine game on YouTube as far as views are concerned, with over 1 billion. They also are #3 by TVi score. They’re an established brand with universal appeal – because everyone loves animals, especially on YouTube. People might not subscribe to Nat Geo’s print magazine, but most everyone will click on a link that says “Cobra vs. Mongoose” (69 million views).

There’s never been a better time to connect with viewers – whether they are print subscribers or not. On YouTube, a publisher is able to cast a much wider net – and experiment with their content in a way they’ve never been able to before. It’s a great place to branch out a bit and reach people who might never have seen their content otherwise.

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