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Which magazine is the best at attracting loyal fans on YouTube?


Subscriber Conversion = Loyal Fans

In our latest report on Consumer Magazines on YouTube, we study the “metrics that matter” to tell you which magazine channels are winning on YouTube (and which ones aren’t). One of the essential metrics we analyze in the report is Subscriber Conversion.

Conversion is an expression of how many subscribers a channel generates for every million views it gets (Subs per MMV). Conversion is a terrific measure of channel health. High conversion rates mean that viewers like a channel’s content enough to be notified every time something new is uploaded.

So what is a good conversion rate? The average conversion rate on all of YouTube is just under 3,000. The average conversion rate for the magazines studied in our report is 3,314. This means that there are 75 magazines in our study that are performing at least 2.5 times the average on YouTube.

So who are the Top 10 performing magazines by subscriber conversion on YouTube? It might not be what you’d expect!

10. Scale Model Addict (CA) – 17,601
9. ImagineFX ­(UK) – 18,595
8. Women’s Health – 20,506
7. Entrepreneur – 20,554
6. Juxtapoz – 20,610
5. Foreign Affairs – 22,423
4. Ski Magazine – 22,864
3. McCall's Quick Quilts – 28,123
2. Architectural Digest  – 31,745
1. Runner’s World – 135,768

These magazines are making the content that their viewers want to see – yet many of them are still unsuccessful channels. How could this be? You’d have to see where they rank according to the other metrics studied in our report – how do they stack up on views, likeabilty, TVi score, etc? What you find out might surprise you!

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