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Which Magazine Publishers Are Dominating YouTube?


A Closer Look at Magazine Publishers in Our Latest Report


In our latest report on Consumer Magazines on YouTube, we study the “metrics that matter” to tell you which magazine channels are winning on YouTube (and which ones aren’t). Roughly 80% of consumer magazines now have YouTube channels. Of the 1,547 channels we studied, publisher groups run 761. That’s 49 percent! So, who are these publisher groups? 

The following list contains the Top 10 Publisher Groups on YouTube, along with their percentage of views within the magazine category, and how many channels they manage.


Top 10 Magazine Publisher Groups on YouTube

10. Haymarket – 4% of views (18 channels) 

9. Conde Nast – 5% of views (30 channels)

8. Hearst – 5% of views (32 channels)

7. Bauer – 6% of views (73 channels)

6. Prometheus – 6% of views (3 channels)

5. Time – 7% of views (60 channels)

4. Vice – 8% of views (2 channels)

3. Enthusiast – 11% of views (45 channels)

2. Immediate – 11% of views (31 channels)

1. National Geographic –17% of views (6 channels)


So what does this information tell us? For one, you’re not necessarily guaranteed to be more successful just because you manage more channels. Bauer has 70 channels, yet only maintains 6% of views for magazines on YouTube, whereas National Geographic only manages 6 channels and holds 17% of the views.

So it’s not just about how many channels you have. It’s about managing those channels the right way. It’s about upkeep, content regularity, likeability, and providing viewers with engaging content that they’re looking for.

To check out why these magazines rank where they do, check out a sample of the report here: slideshare. You can also download the full report for free at

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