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Breaking Down the TVi Channel Report: Views

Now that you’ve gone to and ran a customized Channel Report on your YouTube channel, you’ll want to know how to make sense of it! We’ve broken it down into “metrics that matter.”  The first is the most obvious – Views! 

As everyone knows, views are the easiest way to see if your YouTube channel is getting attention. It’s also the most common way people determine if your channel is a success or not. But there’s much more to it than that. In the following blogs we’ll delve deeper into the other metrics and see how they all work together.

But for now, let’s concentrate on the views.

The Channel Report will show you how many total views your channel has, the average amount of views for the top 10 channels in your category, and the average views for your entire topic. Here’s a screenshot of a Channel Report we ran for YouTube star Bethany Mota (macbarbie07):



You can see how many views you or others in your topic area have by simply going to their YouTube channel, but here in the Channel Report we’ve compiled all of the relevant view counts into simple charts that show you the entire landscape at once.

So, aside from your view counts, you’ll also get your View Rank. You can see where you stack up against all of the channels that have been profiled by the YouTube Genome Project so far.

You’ll also see a graph that shows you the view counts for the top 30 channels in your topic area – it’s a great way to find out who your real competition is, or to find future collaborators. The screenshot below is from a Channel Report we ran on bacon sensation EpicMealTime.


When you know who's winning in your topic, you can study what they're doing.

Who is producing this top content? How are they marketing their content? What type of content is successful within this category?

Views can actually help you devise the right strategy for you to win big on YouTube.

Next week we’ll talk about View Density – What it means and how it can help you understand more about the health of your channel.

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